How Should Christians Vote? October 11, 2020

With another presidential election just around the bend and nationwide tensions higher than ever, what principles should a Christian take into consideration when voting, and how should he make sense of those whose opinions differ from his own?

What Happens To People After Death? September 6, 2020

With so much religious speculation circulating throughout our world and so many popular variations of these ideas presented to us in movies, books, and other forms of media, what should we think actually awaits us on the other side of death, and how can we best prepare ourselves for it?

What Is The Point Of Fasting? August 10, 2020

Probably the most unpracticed of all spiritual disciplines among modern-day Christians, fasting more and more appears as an antiquated, unnecessary practice among believers. Is fasting truly outdated, or is it still relevant within the Church? And if we are to practice it, what should we expect to gain?

Why Is Slavery Evil? July 13, 2020

Ever since the fall of mankind, the tragic influence of slavery has haunted us, bringing oppression and ruin to generations of unfortunate souls. None would question the evils of slavery. But can we, when pressed, explain what we believe we know so well? Why exactly is slavery evil?

Can The Resurrection Accounts Be Reconciled? June 20, 2020

Central to the Christian faith is the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, substantiated by the eyewitness accounts recorded in the Gospels. But what are we to believe when these accounts appear to disagree? Can we reconcile them in such a way as to maintain our integrity as students of God's Word?

What Is The Root Of Racism? June 2, 2020

As racial tensions continue to mount in our country and practical, long-term solutions to diffusing them are all but non-existent, we as a people must turn to the heart of the matter. Why, after so long, do we still struggle with racism, and how do we once and for all eradicate it?

How Precious Is One Human Life? May 23, 2020

As COVID-19 has swept through our nation, some of our leaders have justified their restrictive decrees on the basis that saving a single life is worth the cost. But are they, in fact, justified by this logic? How far should we go and how much should we sacrifice to preserve one human life?

Can A Moral Person Support Abortion? April 25, 2020

Advocates of abortion often present themselves as defenders and champions of women and appear to think their cause a most noble one. But can even a secular person, when measured by her own shifting standards, reasonably think herself moral in advocating for a woman's right to abort her child?