The Unanswered Questions Of The Christian Faith is first and foremost the title of a book that I wrote and published in late October of 2019. After many painful years of struggling with the deeper questions of my faith and finding nothing to sate my curiosity, I had a revelation of sorts while flying to see a friend. By the time I landed, many things that had previously seemed unsolvable mysteries became clear to me, and the first three chapters of the book that I was to write had already formed themselves in my mind.

Over the course of the nearly two years that followed, I wrote, studied, meditated, and revised constantly. Being careful not to forsake fellowship with other believers and to keep up my health, I dedicated virtually every free moment to the study of Scripture and to exploring the questions that had plagued me for so long. During those many long days, I wrote the book that I most needed to read, and God so blessed me by its writing that I knew, even if I were the only person to ever lay eyes on it, my time had been well spent.

But one does not spend thousands of hours in Scripture over such a short span and come away unchanged, nor does he see an end of discovery. If the Bible is indeed the Word of God, then we should expect it to contain depths of wisdom and insight concerning our lives and the world around us that we simply cannot fathom might fit into such a tiny tome. Such has been my experience, and as I wrote, I found my insights and the questions that God had called me to address multiplying well beyond what I had anticipated when I began. It soon became clear that this book would by no means be my last.

Yet as I have begun to write again, I have become increasingly burdened to share the insights that God has given me both freely and presently, so that whatever reward they may hold for others may be reaped now rather than some indeterminate future date when I have amassed enough content to publish another book. But how to go about this? This site is my answer.

A typical blog or news site focuses on releasing regular content in bite-sized portions to keep readers coming back on a regular basis, so as to monetize its readership through impressions and clicks. But money is my last concern here. Rather I hope to inspire deeper contemplation in those who stumble upon what I've written, offering food for thought that is hearty enough to keep people engaged long after they leave and flavorful enough to see them return for second helpings when they find themselves forgetting the taste of what they have read. To that end, I will be pre-releasing certain chapters that I have written which seem to me particularly timely to the days in which we are living—the same chapters that I will eventually publish in forthcoming books—and these will compose the bulk of the content on this site.

It is my prayer that God will bless many by my offerings, strengthening faith in whomever Christ lives and planting it wherever He does not, for the glory of God and the good of His people.

~ Bryant

Bryant is a graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a member of Ninth & O Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. He currently works as a web developer for Networld Media Group and teaches ballroom dancing at I've Got Rhythm Ballroom Dance Studio.